Specialised Imaging | Iris Broadcast

Multiple tracking modes / Multiple high speed camera options / Full Remote Control

The Specialised Imaging Tracker2 is the next generation of projectile tracking platforms for high-speed video and measurement.

Full motorised remote control of three axis rotation and multiple inputs for real-time velocity adjustment contribute to the evolution of this award-winning system.

Built on a sturdy mount, the fully weatherproofed mirror and camera housings allow a large range of high-speed video cameras and long focal length lens options.

Custom software controls the Tracker system and provides calculators for Tracker placement, camera fields-of-view and velocities.

Main Features


Full remote control operation

Multiple operating modes allow capture of decelerating, accelerating, user defined velocity profiled projectiles

Scan ratio range from 0.1 to 100

Scanning accuracy of ± 0.2°

Gigabit ethernet communications

Built in camera power, communications and trigger

No calibration required



Impact Studies

In-flight behavior

Sports Science