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Computar C-Mount 1.1″ 25mm f2.8 V2528-MPY objective

Computar C-Mount 1.1″ 25mm f2.8 V2528-MPY objective, compatible with line scan cameras, cctv or area scan. Free delivery, invoice (incl VAT) and 24 luni months warranty. 4 pcs available.

Focal Length: 25mm | F Stop: f2.8 | Iris: Manual
Mount: C | Format: 1.1″ | Filter Size: M34
IR Block: No IR Block | Megapixel: 12MP
Horizontal Field of View: 31.7 Degrees
Distortion: 0.3% | Back Focus: 11.3

Computar C-Mount 1.1″ 35mm V3528-MPY objective

Compatible with line scan cameras, cctv or area scan. Free delivery, invoice (incl VAT) and 24 months warranty. 8 pcs available.

The MPY Series supports 1.1” sensor format at 12 Megapixel resolution in a C-mount lens. The MPY Series combines high performance optics with a variety of common focal lengths for maximum application flexibility.

For Machine Vision and ITS Applications
35mm Fixed Lens | 12 Megapixel | C Mount
Smallest 1.1” format lens for > 10MP Lens in the industry
F 2.8 | 3.45µm pixel size | Light weight
Vibration resistance up to 5G | Image circle Ø17


The Phantom Miro 111 is a compact and versatile high-speed camera. the LAB style body is suitable for software-based research applications. Package comes with Nikon F mount, 2x 60Gb Cineflash cards and reader and 1 year manufacturer warranty

  • 1600 fps at 1280 x 800
  • ISO Ratings:  Mono 6400 D  ;  Color 2000 D
  • 12 GB RAM


covers all applications of high speed cameras and many applications in the machine vision market. This model covers sub microsecond exposure time, and gives you enough light to fully close aperture at microseconds of exposure time.

Datavideo TLM-700K 7 inch 4K Field Monitor

The Datavideo TLM-700K 7″ Field Monitor features a Full HD 1920×1200 LCD panel in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Optimized for use with the professional DSLRs & camcorders, the TLM-700K offers a wide range of professional features including focus assist (peaking), false color filters, a variety of screen markers, underscan mode, check field mode, and Pixel-to-Pixel mode.

Atomos Converter, SDI to HDMI

Compact, broadcast quality SDI to HDMI converter featuring full size 3G/HD/SD-SDI, lockable HDMI, lockable DC power and removable included mounting ears.